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Ben Roidl-Ward

Assistant Professor of Bassoon

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

"Andrew Marlin is one of those rare teachers who brings together excellent and wide-ranging musicianship, pedagogical clarity, uncompromising dedication, and an infectious personality. I have been blown away by Andrew's ability to bring out the very best in his students as bassoonists, musicians, and people. He sets and maintains high musical standards, demands personal discipline and professionalism, and fosters a joyous environment that allows students' personalities to shine. I cherish each opportunity that I get to work with Andrew and his students."

Samuel Peters - Former Student

"Playing with me was my bassoon teacher, Andrew Marlin, who played an absolutely stunning bassoon solo, and has put in so much time and dedication into me, and has given me the guidance to be able to get to where I am today. I am so blessed to be able to have studied with him, and grown as a musician under his teaching and help. He is an amazing teacher, and an even better human being. As I continue to grow as a musician, I will always remember how he impacted my life and love for music for the better. Thank you for believing in me."

Eric Hwang - Student's Father, Berkley

"You have done a tremendous job in imparting everything we wanted for Berkley to get out of music: reading, rhythm/tempo, a sense of musicality, positivity, patience, problem solving, accountability, and teamwork. We vetted almost a dozen teachers and you were absolutely the best choice we could have made. You are not only a fine musician, you are also a fine person. Teaching Berkley about good character was just as important to us as teaching her music."

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